2009 – Highs and Lows

As in all cases we never know what each New Year will bring with it. We hope that it will bring in wealth, health and happiness. We may in fact actually fulfill all of those hopes, to some degree, during the year.

In my case, 2009 started out well and finished well. There were highs and some very deep lows.

We renovated the interior of our house from top to bottom this year. March to September was a time the house was in rebuild phase. We lived on take out food or meals cooked in the microwave during that time.

We bought ourselves a new boat and trailer. We had some fun with it and look forward to lots more this coming year.

I got a print job to produce 110 fine art sport memorabilia prints of Wayne Gretzky. I shipped them to his company in Phoenix for him to sign. I actually saw one of the prints signed and framed recently. It looked great.

I got the opportunity to photograph an artist friend Shannon Lawlor and Ian Tyson at his ranch while they rode horses. One of the shots is being published in Western Horse Review along with an article about Shannon.

It was also a year in which we lost 3 of our 4 old pets (1 cat, 2 dogs) to illnesses. While we have one great old cat left, this big house of ours is now quiet, too quiet for us. So we decided to get another dog.

This time around we decided on a rescued dog. We chose one that has health issues that caused her to be passed over by potential adoptive families. Having dealt with aging animals and their medical needs, we knew we could handle this new opportunity.

Her name, well our new name for her, is Mercy. She is a Collie cross about 18 months old, weighs in about 40 lbs. This is small compared to our previous pooches who checked in at over a hundred pounds each. We pick her up tomorrow in Calgary where she is with a rescue society foster family.

We plan to make her life a full and happy one just like that of our late pets Glory, Percy, Gracie and most recently PD. If things work out, we will most likely get another dog from the rescue society. Dogs are pack animals so we feel dogs should have one of their own as a companion. I’ve already checked out one I like and will be looking into that adoption process shortly.


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