Monthly Archives: June 2013

A Time to Retire

I made the decision to retire from Canada Safeway at the end of June of this year. After 36 years working in IT for the same great company, it was time. I started on July 7, 1977 and close to the same date 36 years later I start a new career, one that I look forward to as eagerly as I did my IT career with Safeway.

Sadly, just as I filed all my papers to make my retirement final, word came that Canada Safeway had been sold to Sobeys. There had been speculation in the press for some time now that a sale would happen, however it was still a shock when it did. I feel for all those who still work in the backstage side at Canada Safeway and hope they get continued employment as the two companies merge.

My choice of retirement time was purely coincidental. I did find out that I would have been offered continued employment by Safeway Inc. if I had not retired. That makes me feel great knowing that I was still considered a valued part of the IT group.